School of the Arts teacher out of a job, 2nd on leave; CCSD won't say why

    Charleston County School District headquarters (WCIV)

    The Charleston County School District refuses to say why one former Charleston County School of the Arts teacher no longer has a job, and why another hasn't been in the classroom for a month.

    On October 12, ABC News 4 received a tip two School of the Arts teachers were on administrative leave following separate incidents of unprofessional conduct involving students.

    One teacher, a visual arts instructor, was accused of having an improper relationship with a student. The second teacher was accused of being involved in a "racial" incident with a student.

    Erica Taylor, CCSD's Chief Strategy and Communications Officer, confirmed October 15 the visual arts teacher is no longer employed by the district, and the social studies teacher is on administrative leave.

    Taylor did not respond to two subsequent requests Oct. 15 and Oct. 31 for explanation of the circumstances leading to the administrative actions taken against the two teachers.

    After a third request for explanations Friday, Nov. 9, Taylor responded, saying there would be "no further comment" on the end of the visual arts teacher's employment.

    Additionally, Taylor declined to comment on the reason for the social studies teacher being placed on leave, calling it "a personnel matter."

    ABC News 4 has sent two Freedom of Information Act requests to the Charleston County School District, asking for copies of the agency's personnel files for the teachers in question.

    ABC News 4 feels these documents may contain newsworthy information of significant public interest regarding the circumstances leading to CCSD's personnel decisions.

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