Screams in the night send shivers down spines in Charleston, SC | VIDEO

Foxes Monkey.jpg

It''s the stuff of nightmares. Shrill shrieks from some unknown creature, piercing the night.

A West Ashley woman posted the recordings of the encounter in a community Facebook group Sunday night. Listen to the recordings in the video above.

Through the darkness, it is impossible to see from what or where the screams were coming, leading to speculation from those recording, and those watching the videos online.

Cats, an owl, even a monkey were some of the possibilities those chronicling the sounds speculated.

Online commentators suggested peacocks, raccoons and more, but the overwhelming consensus among those reacting to the video on social media was that foxes were the sound's likely source.

Jay Butfiloski, chief furbearer biologist with the S.C. Dept. of Natural Resources, confirms a fox most likely was the culprit.

According to DNR, foxes make a wide range of vocalizations. They bark, scream, howl, yap, growl, and make sounds similar to a hiccup, a DNR handout says.

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