Second suspect arrested in shootout following beer pong game in Summerville

Shawn Chosewood (Provided/Summerville Police Department)

A second suspect has been arrested after a beer pong game turned into a shootout in Summerville early Saturday morning.

Shawn Chosewood, 24, of Moncks Corner is in custody and awaiting bond hearing for attempted murder, according to The Summerville Police Department.

Chosewood was identified as the passenger of the vehicle that pursued and fired multiple shots at a 21-year-old victim after leaving a house party off Alwyn Drive.

Timothy Justin "TJ" Gainey, of Moncks Corner, was arrested on Monday, charged with attempted murder.

According to a police report, an argument started after a beer pong game among 10 people which turned into a “dare game” where Gainey dared a female to take her shirt off and kiss him.

According to the report, the female accepted the dare, but then “felt guilty” because she had a boyfriend.

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A 21-year-old man at the party said he was talking with the female in a bedroom to calm her down when Gainey came into the room, angry that they were talking and began pushing him, according to the police report.

The victim said he left the party to avoid further confrontation, but Gainey followed him out and banged on his driver’s car door window very hard, the report states.

According to the police report, the 21-year-old left the home, but went back shortly after to get belongings that he left behind.

That’s when he said a white pickup truck blocked his car.

Inside the truck was Gainey with two other males from the party, the man describes.

He said when he drove his car around the pickup truck to leave, a gun shot hit his back rear window.

He said he returned five shots at the truck, according to the police report.

He said the pickup truck then began chasing him as he turned onto nearby Ladson Road and then Lincolnville Road.

“(He) stated that shots were being fired from the truck during the entire route,” the police report states.

The man's car hit a ditch at the next turn and he fled the vehicle and ran into the nearby woods, the report states.

He said he saw the pickup truck stop at his car and continue to fire shots into the empty vehicle.

Chosewood's bond hearing will be held at the Summerville Municipal Court Thursday at 10 a.m.

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