Settlement reached in case of 86-year-old tased by Kingstree police

This still frame was taken from the video show at Bamberg's office when announcing the settlement. (WCIV)

In October of this year Albert Chatfield was tased by an officer with the Kingstree Police Department after what an incident report describes as him taking a "fighting stance."

The report states the 86-year-old led police on a chase that ended on what's described as a busy street. Police claim as Chatfield took his stance and jogged backwards, he was tased. They say there was a concern he would end up in oncoming traffic. Dash cam video shows an intersection with stopped vehicles.

Mr. Chatfield was later taken to the Williamsburg County hospital where it was discovered bleeding had accumulated on his brain.

Represented by attorney Justin Bamberg, the family of Albert Charfield wanted answers in the case officials asked SLED to investigate.

While SLED has announced there would be no charges in the case, Bamberg did sit in front of news cameras Friday and announce a settlement in the case. In a statement sent prior to the press conference, Bamberg's office described the settlement as "one of the quickest and most considerable pre-suit settlements in a police-related taser case ever in South Carolina."

"We are pleased that the city of Kingstree has settled this case so quickly and ensured that Mr. Chatfield will get the care he needs as he hopefully makes a substantial recovery," Bamberg said.

Mr. Chatfield's daughter Jodie joined Bamberg Friday and provided an update on the 86-year-old's condition. She said the family is thankful for prayers and asked for continued prayer.

"Our lives have been permanently changed," she said. "...We've been in ICU for an entire month."

Bamberg said the morning of the incident, Mr. Chatfield had "something going on." He described it as possibly some sort of mental issue.

The resolution in the civil case was reached last week. Bamberg said the amount to be paid to the family from the City of Kingstree is $900,000. While Bamberg said it's a significant settlement, it will help ensure he receives the care he needs.

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