Some Berkeley County parents unhappy over proposed school attendance lines

Some Berkeley County parents are unhappy over new proposed school attendance lines (WCIV)

Students in the Carnes Crossroads neighborhood could soon attend different schools.

"I just don’t want to have to suddenly change," said Erin Garrett, whose son just started kindergarten at Cane Bay Elementary.

Berkeley County School District officials say new attendance lines in the area are necessary due to growth of the district. They said a thousand new students are coming into the district each year.

"Our entire time here we expected to go to Cane Bay," Garrett said. "That was one of the reasons we moved here, to all of a sudden have that change, that sort of uproots one of the reasons we chose this neighborhood."

Attendance lines currently have students living in the Carnes Crossroads neighborhood attend Cane Bay Elementary, Cane Bay Middle School, and Cane Bay High School. If attendance lines are redrawn, students instead will attend Devon Forest Elementary, College Park Middle, and Stratford High School.

Carnes Crossroads is approximately 4.1 miles from Cane Bay High School and 5.2 miles from Stratford High School.

"I want my voice to be heard. I don’t just want it to be up to two or three people or a small board to say okay this is how we’re going to divide the children up. It should come from the parents too," Garrett added.

Parents will have a chance to make their voice heard at a 6 p.m. public meeting Thursday night at Devon Forest Elementary.

A consultant hired by the Berkeley County School District described the change as a "short term fix" to a long term problem. While the suggestion to change attendance lines was among a handful of short-range, mid-range and long-range suggestions, that consultant referred to the option as the "immediate challenge."

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