South Carolina State's Ty Solomon says medical team saved his life after collapse

Ty Solomon (Source: SCSU Atheltics website)

South Carolina State University's basketball player, Ty Solomon, collapsed in yesterday's game against North Carolina State University during the 13:08 mark in the first half.

A Rex Hospital spokeswoman said Solomon was in fair condition last night.

Later that night Solomon posted this update to his Facebook page.

The post reads:

I am very thankful to have had this group of guys in my life. I’m feeling blessed these guys literally saved my life using CPR such a blessing and perfect timing thank you guys again.

The game was held in Raleigh, N.C. at the PNC Arena.

The Johns Island native, and former high school basketball player for Charleston Collegiate School, was immediately responded to by emergency medical personnel. The medical team performed chest compressions before he was removed from the court on a stretcher.

The game resumed after a 40-minute delay.

Rio Pitt, S.C. State's assistant coach, asked the team before going back out to the court if they still wanted to play.

Head coach, Murray Garvin, also thought it was best that the team decide whether or not they would go back out and play.

"We will do what Ty would do, and Ty would tell us to go back out there and play," said Pitt of the SCSU team. "It was a unanimous decision."

Pitt said he was thankful for the medical personnel, "You have all these things in place for a situation like this and you never expect it to happen."

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