Station 14 in the heart of Carolina Bay: When will it be done?

Carolina Bay fire station (WCIV)

A huge investment in West Ashley is not quite ready yet. Station 14 is located in the heart of Carolina Bay. It was slated to be move-in ready by the end of November 2017.

From the outside, Station 14 looks complete, the parking lot is paved, landscaping is in, along with its giant doors painted fire-engine red. But people who live in the area say they rarely see anyone on site.

It has them wondering—when will it be ready?

"It went up very quickly, and then everything seemed to stall. It was like subcontractors coming in, dry wall people coming in and so forth and they were just really slow," said Jim Osgood, who lives down the street from the station. "It should have been done last September and it was not done so we figured all right maybe by Christmas it will be done and it's still not done."

Station 14 was built to meet the demand of Carolina Bay which is experiencing a boom in growth. Currently, the nearest operating fire station is more than two miles away.

On Thursday, a spokesperson with the City of Charleston said there's been a few issues inside the building that must be corrected by contractors, things like hardware and doors. They do not have an anticipated opening date set yet.

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