Despite controversy and critics, Citadel Republican Society stands by Steve Bannon invite

Steve Bannon (WCIV)

Despite people shouting and protesting his appearance, Steve Bannon was a welcomed guest at the Patriot Dinner table. It was an interesting choice for the Citadel Republican Society, as Bannon is known to challenge the Republican Party.

Cadet Cameron Brown, president of the Citadel Republican Society stands by the invitation. He said it’s important to hear from a controversial figure, one whose beliefs may not match theirs. During his speech Friday night, Bannon called himself a populist and economic nationalist.

“We believe he’s a very interesting and unique speaker although there are plenty of people who do not completely agree with Mr. Bannon’s actions or what he says, we do not believe that it makes him a racist, an anti-Semite or anything else people decide to place upon the man,” Brown said. “It’s an incredible thing to have Mr. Bannon speak, to kind of give his perspective, to listen to him and truly give our cadets and our sponsors to learn where he’s coming from and how he was so integral in the success of Donald J. Trump in this past election.”

Political Analyst Patrick Caddell was also in the audience. Caddell knows Bannon personally and formerly worked with the Carter Administration. He said the attendance of gubernatorial candidates at the dinner is a sign Bannon continues to shake up politics.

“People are protesting and now all the governor candidates are coming I think they’re all terrified, they all wish for his blessing,” said Caddell. “What does that tell you?”

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