Steve Bannon's Charleston visit brings counter-rally out to The Citadel's campus

Thomas Meservey, Navy Veteran (WCIV)

“No hate in Charleston” were the types of chants heard at the peaceful counter-rally Friday afternoon on The Citadel’s campus.

The counter-rally came in light of Steve Bannon’s speech on The Citadel’s campus.

The rally started at around 4 p.m. Friday with people from Pastor Thomas Dixon and The Coalition, the National Action Network, and Indivisible Charleston.

A man in support of Steve Bannon called the people in the counter-rally ‘rude bigots’ telling officers that they were ‘attacking’ him.

This all started when the counter-rally realized that people in support of Bannon were in the same area as them.

The confrontation was fizzled out by officers.

Throughout the rally, ABC News 4 spoke with different people -- from Pastor Dixon to a Navy Veteran.

Thomas Meservey, a Navy Veteran was in attendance with a sign that read “We will not stand for racism in Charleston."

He was there with Indivisible Charleston, which he says he’s been a part of since its inception.

Meservey said he was out at the rally exercising his first amendment right, “Steve Bannon has had a long history of demagoguery, racism, white supremacy views, and I just don’t feel there’s any part in the United States for that.”

Pastor Dixon said the rally was a peace move, and a rally about unity.

You can watch coverage of the rally HERE.

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