Summerville Council severs ties with with Waste Pro for trash and recycling services


The Town of Summerville will soon have a new garbage and recycling service. This comes after town council voted that Waste Pro was in breach of their contract Thursday night.

For more than a month, people in Summerville have been complaining their garbage hasn’t been picked up in a timely manner. Some people said that they’ve never received their recycling bins.

Council says the search for a new collection service has already begun, but it will take some time to get a new company in place.

Council member Kima Garten-Schmidt said, “We’re thinking somewhere between 60 and 90 days. At that time, soon we’ll know who we’ll be having a contract with and their startup date will start the day after the contract expires with Waste Pro.”

Waste Pro just had their contract signed in January of this year. Representatives from Waste Pro were at the meeting, they declined comment.

Town officials said service issues remained a problem with the company, even after drafting a letter on January 27th demanding improvements in services.

Summerville Public Works Director Russ Cornette confirmed in February that hundreds of customers issued complaints against Waste Pro. Among them were improper placement of trash cans, Waste Pro employees leaving trash in the street during trash pickup, and Waste Pro customer service not taking customer calls and returning them promptly.

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