Summerville daughter upholds a Valentine's Day tradition for her mother

Summerville Valentine's Day tradition (WCIV).JPG

Carolyn Meeks wanted to keep her Valentine's Day tradition going while she was away on vacation in Iceland.

Each year on Valentine's Day, Carolyn hand delivers roses to her widowed friends. She started the tradition after the passing of her husband in 2005.

This year her daughter Cheri Meeks and her boyfriend Tom Kenemore, made it their duty to fulfill the tradition. The couple said that they were glad to be spending their Valentine's Day in an unusual way, taking on the responsibility.

They created many smiles with the surprise along their journey, as the ladies did not expect to get a rose this year knowing Carolyn was away on Vacation.

It was clear today that Carolyn loves her friends dearly, and they love her as well.

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