Summerville dumpster dilemma resolved


It was a growing eyesore at the loading areas of two office buildings in Summerville. A green dumpster filled with cardboard, garbage bags, and other unknown dirty discarded waste.

"When we call Waste Pro they seem to not know they have a dumpster here. Apparently, they lost track of it," said Gary Batey, who works at nearby Wiring Harness and Cable.

Batey says he and other workers at Varnfield Business Park have reached out to Waste Pro, the company labeled on the container. For three months, they asked Waste Pro to pick up the trash.

"They're nice people to be honest with you. Nice people. They talk nice. But nothing gets done. That's the point. That thing needs to go," said Sanay Patel, who works at nearby Smit Sales.

"With the woods and all so close by there's concern that you're going to start attracting vermin, rats, other types of things. And we would just rather not have that as situation. We'd rather get this out of here before that happens," Batey said.

At noon, ABC News 4 called Waste Pro and asked why they hadn't responded to repeated requests to empty the container. An employee promised to return our call. But an hour later, a large garbage truck drove to the dumpster, hoisted it into the air, and emptied its contents.

"You called. They got that voice mail and someone said Oh I guess we better pay attention now," laughed Batey.

For he and others who work nearby, their dumpster dilemma came to an end.

"I feel much better now. Thank you very much. And it’s a shame it took you guys having to come out here to do a story on it to make it happen. But at least its empty," Batey said.

Ron Pecora, senior vice president of Waste Pro, texted ABC News 4 about the problem. He says the company has hundreds of thousands of trash containers. This one in Summerville appears to have been overlooked after a customer cancelled their service. Pecora apologized for the inconvenience.

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