Summerville to evaluate future of Waste Pro contract for trash and recycling service

Waste Pro cans near Summerville Town Hall (WCIV)

Summerville Town Council members will gather and discuss contractual matters regarding Waste Pro during a meeting on Thursday, according to the meeting’s agenda.

Waste Pro provides trash and recycling services for many Summerville residents. Town officials confirm service issues remain a problem with the company, even after drafting a letter on January 27th demanding improvements in services.

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“A lot of days recycling won’t get picked up at all. Not to mention their promise to start and sustain recycling,” said Ryan Van Hoy, who lives near Summerville Town Hall. “I had to resort to using multiple Tupperware to handle our home recycling load.” Van Hoy is one of hundreds of Summerville residents who says Waste Pro never provided a 95-gallon recycling bin, a service stipulated in a contract they signed with the Town of Summerville in January.

“They need to hold their feet to the fire,” Van Hoy added. “If it’s on paper that this is a deliverable service and this is an expectation, if they can’t meet the requirements of that contract, a new purveyor or new contractor needs to come in.”

Summerville Town Council member Bob Jackson confirmed to ABC News 4 that members will discuss the town’s contract with Waste Pro during executive session at Thursday’s meeting.

Summerville Public Works Director Russ Cornette confirmed in February that hundreds of customers issued complaints against Waste Pro. Among them were improper placement of trash cans, Waste Pro employees leaving trash in the street during trash pickup, and Waste Pro customer service not taking customer calls and returning them promptly. Town officials drafted a letter to cure the deficiencies on January 27th, but many neighbors say trash and recycling services haven’t improved.

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“Just seems neglectful, of not only the contractor Waste Pro, but also the town’s not stepping up and enforcing the contract and that’s what I expect from them,” Van Hoy said.

Thursday’s meeting was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the Summerville Municipal Complex.

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ABC News 4 has reached out to Waste Pro for additional comment. Below is their response from February:

“At this time our team is working with the City of Summerville on details and execution of an Operational Enhancement Plan. Cannot add more at this time. Ron Pecora Senior VP Waste Pro.”

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