South Carolina woman charged with assaulting boy at community pool, assaulting deputies

Stephanie Sebby-Strempel. (Courtesy Rhe Capers)

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) - Dorchester County authorities have arrested a woman accused of repeatedly hitting a teenage boy after apparently berating the boy and his friends into leaving a community pool in the Summerville area.

Stephanie Sebby-Strempel is in jail at the Dorchester County Detention Center after her arrest in connection to an alleged assault Sunday, June 24, at the Reminisce neighborhood pool near Summerville.

The victim, 15, was one of several children who were invited to the pool by a friend in the neighborhood, according to the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say witness reports indicate Sebby-Strempel told the group upon arriving they did not belong at the pool, and they had to leave.

The victim claims he and his friends were “respectful and said, 'Yes ma’am,'” when Sebby-Strempel demanded they leave, according to the sheriff's office.

However, deputies say witnesses reported Sebby-Strempel continued antagonizing the children as they left, calling them “punks” and using racial slurs against them.

The encounter progressed to a physical assault, which apparently was captured on video. The video shows Sebby-Strempel hit the victim at least three times as he walked out of the pool area, according to the sheriff's office.

Video and photos allegedly of the incident have been posted on social media. The images show a woman following a teenage boy from the pool area, and hitting the boy several times.

The video also shows a woman referring to someone as "little punks" and threatening to call 911 while repeatedly telling someone to get out.

Investigators say the assault was unprovoked and Sebby-Strempel was clearly the aggressor based on the video. The victim didn't respond or retaliate to being hit, despite Sebby-Strempel's apparent intentions to elicit such a response, according to the sheriff's office.

The victim was checked out by EMS afterward but wasn't seriously hurt, the sheriff's office says.

When deputies showed up to Sebby-Strempel's home on Monday, June 25, to charge and arrest her for the pool incident, the sheriff's office says Sebby-Strempel also assaulted two detectives.

According to the sheriff's office, Sebby-Strempel pushed one detective into a wall, injuring his knee, and then bit a second detective on the arm, breaking the skin.

Sebby-Strempel was expected to appear before a magistrate for a bond hearing Tuesday. She is charged with one count of third-degree assault and two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer.

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