Summerville's trash day is being skipped and residents are losing their patience

Summerville Trash Problem (WCIV)

Entire streets are being skipped on trash day in Summerville, and neighbors are losing patience fast.

“It’s very frustrating,” said John Dumas, who lives in downtown Summerville. “None of us have received the big recycling bins.”

The town signed a new contract in January with Waste Pro, the company that provides its trash and recycling pick-up. Among a long list of problems are the hundreds of residents to whom Waste Pro never delivered a 95-gallon recycling bin.

“The town has already sent a letter for an opportunity to cure the deficiencies,” said Russ Cornette, Public Works Director for the town of Summerville. The letter, sent to Waste Pro on January 24th, outlines a list of issues Summerville residents have reported concerning trash pickup.

Among those are improper placement of trash cans, Waste Pro employees leaving trash in the street during trash pickup, and Waste Pro customer service not taking customer calls and returning them promptly.

“They’ll have 30 days from about this week to correct their deficiencies,” Cornette added. The letter informs Waste Pro that the company is in breach of its contract with the town of Summerville due to the issues. The contract is worth $1.8 million per year, according to town officials.

Jason Fernandez, Summerville Operations Manager, says Waste Pro reported delivering 18, 750 rolling recycle carts, even though the number of residents is closer to 20,000. Town officials also say in December 2017, Waste Pro billed 15,400 addresses, indicating they mistakenly delivered several thousand rolling carts to addresses outside the Town of Summerville.

“All of our neighbors here also recycle,” Dumas said. “We’ve all talked and would like to get the issue resolved.”

ABC News 4 reached out to Waste Pro officials regarding the issues. Senior VP of Waste Pro, Ron Pecora, responded saying “At this time our team is working with the City of Summerville on details and execution of an Operational Enhancement Plan. Cannot add more at this time.”

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