Teacher who helped get bikes for all her students turns passion project into full-time job

Katie Blomquist (WCIV)

She made national news by raising thousands of dollars to buy a bike for every kid in her school. Katie Blomquist's latest quest is equally impressive.

The idea for “Going Places” began last September and now this first grade teacher is turning the passion project into a full-time job.

"Going Places" will launch as an official non-profit organization on Saturday.

In March, Blomquist gifted every child at Pepperhill Elementary School—650—their own brand new bicycle. She’s taught at the school for the past four years. The campaign has become so successful, she quit her teaching job to devote all her energy to the cause.

VIDEO | Pepperhill students cheer and chant as they get new bikes

Blomquist hopes "Going Places" will eventually reach every child in the Charleston County School District. The current focus is on those attending a Title I school, a high-poverty school where many student’s families cannot afford a bike for their children.

She said riding bikes is one of her favorite childhood memories. It’s a joy she wants other kids to experience.

"Even when it comes to a bed to sleep in a lot of them have to share a bed with other children in their house or toys, clothes, and hand me downs,” Blomquist said. “So, in order to have a brand new bike that's of really high quality it's a sense of pride and ownership and responsibility as well as freedom."

The Going Places’ official launch party/fundraiser is Saturday, June 10. For more information, visit

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