Thousands of women sent letters thanking Lindsey Graham, others for Kavanaugh support

Lindsey Graham (Dept. of Defense)

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is now on the United States Supreme Court and hearing a variety of cases this week.

Monday on Capitol Hill, a conservative group of women delivered letters to Senators who voted to confirm Kavanaugh, thanking them for getting him on the bench.

The group’s president says she hopes the letters counter the negativity lawmakers heard during the confirmation process.

“We want to come back and say thank you for standing strong and courageous for the Constitution and for this good man,” said Kimberly Fletcher, president and founder of Moms for America.

Fletcher says amid the controversy surrounding Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and allegations he sexually assaulted several women, there were still women supporting him.

“There were tons of women who were here who were saying they were opposed, but we were here too,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher says women across the country sent letters by care of Moms for America, the bulk addressed to Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Fletcher says she was forced to open each letter while going through security at the capitol because of last week’s bomb threats against lawmakers. Fletcher says delivering the ‘Thank You’ notes was well worth the wait.

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