Tips to avoid scammers this holiday season


The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs wants to help shoppers with top tips to avoid scammers while shopping this holiday season.

First, when online shopping make sure the device you are using is updated with antivirus software and doesn’t automatically connect to Wi-Fi.

Next, watch out for phishing attempts, which is when scammers send fake gift cards and pose as retailers and financial institutions looking for personal information through emails.

Also, shoppers should think about using hold mail services because identity thieves go through neighborhoods looking for outgoing and incoming checks, preapproved credit card offers and other things to steal from mailboxes.

If shopping in store, consumers should remember to keep purchases hidden in the trunk of the car so thieves trolling malls and store parking lots, won’t notice them.

Consumers can also sign up for CPSC email alerts to be notified about recalled products, this list frequently updates regarding gifts purchased for friends and family.

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