Trash Troubles Mount For Several Summerville Neighborhoods Since Holidays, Winter Storm

Trash (WCIV)

Monday is garbage collection day in several Summerville neighborhoods. But for people who live there, the pickup can't come soon enough.

"There is trash everywhere. It's all throughout our roads. They're supposed to be coming and picking up our trash every Monday and they haven't been," said Brianne Chervony, a resident of the Weatherstone subdivision.

She says garbage pickup has been inconsistent since last month. She and her neighbors aren't sure why it’s taking so long for household waste to be taken away.

"When people are coming through our neighborhood they see mountains of trash. It hurts are our heart. It hurts our home. It hurts are re-sale value, our curb appeal. And we just want our trash gone," she said.

"I think progress is being made, even though I know the delay was terrible."

District 6 Summerville town council member Bob Jackson said Waste Pro, the company in charge of trash collection, faced repeated delays because of back to back holidays followed by the winter storm.

"I think progress is being made, even though I know the delay was terrible," he explained. "It was a compound issue. But it has been an ongoing issue. And we've been promised they have new equipment coming in to change that. And I hope that promise is true."

An employee from Waste Pro tells ABC News 4 crews worked over the weekend and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to catch up on trash collection. St. Phillips Place is one of those areas. And that's some consolation for people like Brianne Chervony.

"We need to make sure that Waste Pro is doing their job. That's what we pay them for. And then that we're not getting in trouble with the HOA," she said.

Chervony said some families in Weatherstone left their garbage cans at the curb because they didn't know when waste-pro would pick it up. Then, they were fined by their homeowners association for not retrieving them. Officials with Waste Pro hope to return to normal pickup days this week

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