'Trooper Bob' joins the ABC News 4 Traffic Tracker team

'Trooper Bob' joins the ABC News 4 Traffic Tracker team (WCIV)

ABC News 4 is proud to announce “Trooper Bob” Beres will be joining our team as part of our new "Traffic Tracker" team, the only traffic team in the Lowcountry.

A recently retired South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper, Trooper Bob will join Megan Rivers each weekday morning, 5-7 a.m., on Good Morning Charleston!

Beres spent 25 years in the Highway Patrol. He was stationed in Dorchester County until 2007, when he became a spokesperson for the agency.

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Trooper Bob is probably best known for his clever safety messages on social media. In 2018, he won an Emmy for his Drunk Driving Emoji Public Service Campaign. Commercials aired across South Carolina and the message was on 170 billboards across the state.

“I’m excited to be able continue my service to the local community, offering them a new perspective of navigating Lowcountry traffic," Beres said.

“Charleston is the largest city in the state of South Carolina. Traffic and the roads are a top concern. We are thrilled to have Trooper Bob join our morning team providing real-time traffic information from the field. This innovative and unique concept demonstrates ABC News 4 commitment to keeping our viewers safe on the roads,” said ABC News 4 General Manager Mary Margaret Nelms

Beres and Rivers will launch the “ABC News 4 Traffic Tracker” initiative Jan. 2, 2019, with team traffic featuring in-studio maps and drive times, as well as live reports direct from the roads and trouble spots Lowcountry drivers battle with every morning.

Connect with Trooper Bob | CLICK HERE

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