UberEATS Charleston: Delivery service makes getting your Lowcountry food fix easier

Uber Eats (WCIV)

Tasting Charleston just got easier. Ridesharing company Uber launched UberEATS, a food delivery service, on Thursday. It’s a wildly popular app in cities across the nation.

It’s all done through the UberEATS application. From start to finish, the delivery process is tracked on GPS.

“You can search for a specific cuisine, if you have a specific restaurant in mind you can search for that, otherwise you can scroll through the app and see what’s available and what’s near you,” said Evangeline George, Public Affairs Manager for UberEATS.

More than 70 restaurants have partnered with UberEATS, including Poogan’s Smokehouse, CO, and Coleman Public House just to name a few.

“For restaurants, it offers them another revenue opportunity to reach more customers,” said George. “For consumers, of course, it offers them a reliable way to get food delivered at the tap of a button and for driver partners, it offers them an additional earning opportunity.”

“I already sat down with the chef today and was like ‘Listen, this is going to reach 300,000 people today’,” said Jude Wagner, Director of Operations for Poogan’s Smokehouse and Poogan’s Porch. He said the partnership opportunity is a gamechanger.

“It was a no brainer, I was like ‘yes, let’s get involved and start there and see what it does to us’,” said Wagner.

He said it’s a chance to reach more customers outside their East Bay location.

“We’re excited about the outreach that we’re going to get not just in Charleston but North Charleston, West Ashley, and Mount Pleasant,” said Wagner. “People who say ‘I want it but I don’t want to fight the traffic, fight the tourism but man it’s one of my favorite restaurants and I want it,’ now we’re there and we’ve got it.”

There’s a $5.00 delivery fee and it’s available 24 hours, depending on the restaurant. If you're interested in ordering with UberEATS, there’s a special discount. Use the promo code EATSCHS to receive five dollars off any two orders.

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