'Upper' Upper King district growing to delight of residents, business owners


At a time when some are upset over constant construction downtown, one neighborhood on the peninsula is undergoing a growth spurt to the delight of business owners and residents.

There were seven new applications for business licenses along King Street between Line Street and Huger Street, according to City of Charleston officials.

A quick drive or walk down the street reveals many "for rent" signs as well as new commercial spaces.

"As North Charleston starts to develop more so and you travel south from Park Circle and King Street starts to develop and you travel north from Morrison, I think we're going to see in one to two years incremental development," said David Axelrod, general manager of Pancito & Lefty. "In five years it'll be a whole different beast."

Axelrod said he thinks the area will be dotted with more retail and restaurants as the Charleston area continues to boom.

He said the owners of Pancito & Lefty aren't just focused on the creative cantina classics. They picked the 708 King St. location for a purpose.

"The foundation of our clientele is locals," said Axelrod. "We wanted to do a neighborhood spot. It's upcoming, and we've all lived here for years and seen the development moved north."

Each order up helps the new establishment's neighbors, like Aaron Levy, who owns The Vinyl Countdown.

"We're expecting our business to grow as the city moves further north," said Levy. "For a long time there you would sort of stop at spring street. Now you see a lot of foot traffic continuing to come up this way."

Levy said he expects even more apartments, retail, and restaurants to open by next summer, and Axelrod thinks it's a trend in the right direction.

The two only hope the integrity of the neighborhood is preserved as the growth continues.

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