Veteran, a triple amputee, shares story in Charleston


Bryan Anderson was serving is second tour in Iraq when he lost both legs and a hand to an Improvised Explosive Device.

Anderson received a Purple Heart. He said he was in good spirits during his first three months at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. but became depressed in his fourth month.

He turned to family, friends, and music to lift his spirits. That's when he made a decision. "I can be depressed or have fun. I think I'm going to have fun," Anderson said.

Anderson was a gymnast growing up and continues to be active even now. He snowboards, wake boards, white water rafts and rock climbs. He also enjoys the entertainment industry and has starred in several shows and movies. The most recent being the movie, "American Sniper", starring Bradley Cooper.

He spent 13 months in the hospital. Now he travels the country telling his story in hopes of motivating others. He spoke to a crowd at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Downtown Charleston today.

His message is always promoting perseverance and determination.

"I want people to also realize that we all have our issues and they all affect us differently just because you look at me and you see a triple amputee doesn't make it or mean that I have it any worse off than you do we all have our own problems," Anderson said.

The war hero's story touched the hearts of those he visited today and Anderson said he gets just as much satisfaction as they do.

"There seems to be something that people pick from my story that they apply to their lives and it helps them and I think that's probably the best thing any one person can do is to help your fellow man," Anderson said.

He is a spokesman for several different organizations. He is also an Ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation.

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