Watch: Steve Bannon speech at The Citadel (FULL VIDEO)

Steve Bannon speaking at the Citadel Republican Society's Patriot Dinner (WCIV)

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon was on The Citadel’s campus Friday at the Holliday Alumni Center. The visit is in conjunction to The Citadel Republican Society’s sold out Patriot Dinner happening tonight.

Despite controversy and critics, The Citadel Republican Society stands by the Steve Bannon invite. While a rally in opposition of the event remained peaceful outside the event, police did have to escort one woman from the speech. She was charged with disorderly conduct.

At times, it felt like two rallies. The crowd of protesters opposing Steve Bannon’s visit to speak at the Citadel Republican Society's Patriot Dinner was itself split.

Despite controversy, local political experts say Bannon's visit will benefit South Carolina GOP candidates.

More than 300 people purchased tickets to attend the dinner, which is a fundraiser for the organization. Funds from ticket sales are used to send cadets to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

His nearly hour speech touched on current events.

"Russia collude. Not even close," he said.

And the long standing pledge to drain swamp? Bannon described it as the "single greatest comeback in political history."

His message delivered to those in attendance: "people want their country back."

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