Water main break in downtown Charleston impacts local businesses


The intersection right here at East Bay and Market Street is still completely shut down because of a water main break that happened on Sunday.

Restaurants like Carmella's say their taking a really hard hit- it's the slowest business has been for them in years.

These are the sounds you typically hear on any given day at Carmella's. Manager, Mikey Compton says it's been a slow week.

"It's slowed down tremendously," said Compton.

But this week has been anything but typical..

"With the sinkhole that's one thing that's killed everything," said Compton.

The sinkhole happened just one day before hurricane Irma.

"I took a picture of it two days ago and it was the size of two mini vans at one time it's a giant hole," said Compton.

A giant hole in the street... And a giant loss of business.

"We open at 8:30, close at 2 that whole day has been what we'll do during a day shift- so if that tells you how much slower its been. On a wednedsay we did all day what we would do in the morning. So its been rough," said Compton.

Despite a rough week on the books... Compton hopes things get back to normal soon.

"More business hopefully, hopefully it picks up I mean it kinda sucks because were going into the slow season," said Compton.

Leaders are hoping to have this intersection open by Monday.

The City of Charleston and Charleston Water are working together to expedite the process.

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