Water rescues needed, shelter closed as Dorchester Co. floods

Water rescues off Ladson Rd (Alex Heaton/WCIV)

Rescue crews responded to a home off Ladson Road Saturday morning as Hurricane Matthew flooded the area.

They pulled at least 10 people from flooded areas including Tranquil Estates in Dorchester County.

By 9 a.m. the water was as high as the bottom the some mailboxes.

Deborah, who was rescued from her home by rescue crews, said her husband initially turned them down.

"He's a military man," she said. 'He's quite stubborn and he said 'No we're not leaving. You can leave' and I said 'But I can't leave without you! I'm not going to leave you alone'"

But by the time rescue crews looped back around, she said their kids had called and they saw their flooded neighborhood on the news so they decided to go after all.

Deborah said they had just spent $40,000 to repair damages from last year's flooding and hadn't even finished repairs.

"Maybe it's time to think about moving," she said. "We're not Spring chickens anymore. You can't go through this every year, all the time."

She also had a special request for anyone who hears their story.

"We're just so greatful and we appreciate the people who risked their live to come get us," she said. "Say a prayer for them."

Fire crews said they went door-to-door and the majority of the neighborhood had evacuated.

Roads flooded from Hurricane Matthew rain, storm surge

The backside of the neighborhood is near a creek and is prone to flooding.

According to Dorchester County officials, more than 600 people went to area shelters.

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County officials also warned that the Lower Waste Water Treatment Plant on Appian Way is under two feet of water but there are no issues with drinking water.

They also said one main aeration pump has failed at the Upper Waste Water Treatment Plant (South of Saint George) and the plant is having trouble keeping up with the flow.

They also had to close the shelter at St. George Middle because of a power outage. Everyone there was moved to Woodland High.

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