'We had an explosion. A man is on fire,' caller told dispatch


“It said boom, and I heard him screaming, and I saw him on fire.”

911 calls after an incident at a Roper St. Francis facility in Ladson on Friday portray a frantic scene in which people said there had been an explosion in an electrical room.

“We had an explosion. A man is on fire,” the first caller to consolidated dispatch said. “Something in the electrical room exploded.”

While taking deep breaths, she later told a dispatcher the man was no longer on fire. She said flames were put out with an extinguisher and his skin was peeling off.

“It’s still smoking,” she said as she requested help from the fire department.

As dispatchers advised those in the building to stay away from the area of concern, the caller said people were trying to move the man from the room. She said the 44-year-old man was awake and breathing with burns on his arms, chest, ears and face. She said nurses on scene were providing care.

Other callers described the situation to dispatch as an electrocution.

“Somebody got electrocuted really bad,” one caller said as you could hear people leaving the facility in the background of the call. He eventually ended the call, saying he needed to help others in the building.

Roper St. Francis spokesperson Meredith Huggins said Friday a contractor working in an electrical room on the first floor of the facility opened a panel and there was some sort of "spark." Another worker was in the room and immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher, she said.

Firefighters, EMS and police were dispatched to the incident at in the 8500 block of Palmetto Commerce Parkway.

Huggins said the fire alarm was activated and the building was evacuated of its 600 employees.

There’s currently no update on the worker’s injuries. We've reached out to Roper St. Francis for more information.

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