West Ashley man helps to keep streets cleaned during his daily morning walk

Charles Robinson (WCIV)

Picking up trash is a dirty job but someone has to do it, and Charles Robinson is one man helping to keep a little corner of West Ashley clean during his daily walk.

Robinson leaves his home with the eye of the tiger gnome keeping a close watch on him and a purple mat welcoming his morning exit.

“I’m a Clemson fan but this also helps me be seen by those driving cars. I don’t want to wear that fluorescent thing,” said Robinson from his West Ashley neighborhood as he talked about the gear he sports while picking up trash.

Robinson's orange gear makes it hard for people to miss him on Orange Grove Road.

"When I retired, I told my wife, I said Susan, do not let me lie around and become a couch potato. Tell me to get up out the door and walk. I started on my own. After two days walking, I said I got to pick it up. I can't stand it. What you see in the car is 1/10th of what I see when I walk," said Robinson.

Simply put, litter bugs him and he has found a winter wonderland of trash and more new friends than he can count.

"The guy who lives in that house bought me a Clemson sweatshirt. It was in a plastic wrapper with a nice note. It said thank you for making our days a little brighter, from a great neighbor thank you again. That was cool. He came up with that sweatshirt, and I said Oh My,” said Robinson

He rarely walks a straight line as he's busy zig zagging from one side of the street to the other, talking trash along the way, “I’ve learned it is pretty nasty out there,” said Robinson as he filled his second bag of trash.

He’s also learned more about people than he’d like, “People do their personal hygiene and throw their personal hygiene stuff out on the street,” said Robinson.

Name it and Robinson finds it. McDonalds cups. Starbucks cups. Beer Cans. An empty Ritz Cracker box and paper, on top of paper, on top of paper.

Robinson tries to take up to 90,000 steps a week. As for the health benefits. Robinson has lost 30 pounds in two and a half years.

“It’s also a win-win. 30 pounds less. Doctors’ order went from see me every three months to every 6 months. My blood work looked that good. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been,” said Robinson.

There is no paper trail after Robinson puts his best foot forward. He’s collected thousands of pounds of trash and dumped his heart into a cause he champions day in and day out.

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