Following church sex abuse allegations, what is being done to protect young children?

Jacop Hazlett (Dorchester County Detention Center)

There are still questions tonight about how a volunteer at NewSpring church in North Charleston was allegedly able to sexually abuse multiple children.

Some of those questions are about what screening and training volunteers go through.

ABC News 4 spoke with the Department of Social Services about how church daycares are licensed.

The short answer that they don't need to be licensed. They just need a permit if they are open less than four hours, like many Sunday church nurseries.

They are exempt from DSS's watchful eye.

That means parents who drop off their children need to ask a lot of questions and must start a conversation about safety with their children.

Terry Hundley is the pastor at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

He has children of all ages being watched but he says his staff is vigilant.

“Would I like to have cameras all over this place? Of course, but it’s just being able to afford what you can do,” says Hundley.

What his small church can do is run background checks.

“Our people get background checks, we may know the people for 20,30,40,50 years but we still get background checks,” says Hundley.

According to church officials, an extensive back ground check was also run on 28-year-old Jacop Hazlett.

He's accused of molesting at least nine children in a daycare bathroom at the Newspring church in North Charleston, allegations brought to light within the past week.

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“It’s really shocking,” says a mom who didn't want us to use her name, but says she's been in children's ministries for 8 years. She went through Darkness to Light training, as program that teaches adults working with children how to prevent and protect against sexual abuse.

“(We are taught)on what not to do, what not to say, never taking children into the bathroom, we are taught to stand outside the door,” says the mom.

And the experts at Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center agree.

“Generally speaking, best practice would be that no child is ever one-on-one with an adult,” says Beverly Hutchison with Dee Norton.

Darkness to Light has 72 Partners in Prevention in South Carolina.

According to their records, NewSpring is not one of them. However 15 churches are registered across the state.

For now, Pastor Hundley says he relies on two volunteers with the children at all times. But now, he’ll also look into the Darkness to Light training.

Experts also say parents should find out who reviews staff background checks, what is the adult to children ratio is and what are policies around toileting young children.

We've reached out to NewSpring to find out if they use any child abuse prevention program for volunteers.

Even if your kids are young and have a very limited vocabulary. They say it’s never too early to open those lines of communication.

“As a child begins to develop language is when you start these conversations. We as adults, we teach them this is a nose, this is a finger, this is their mouth. It’s important to name body parts and that includes private parts,” says Hutchison.

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