What we learned about Hurricane Irma overnight

Hurricane Irma in St. Thomas (Cody Howard)

The Lowcountry of South Carolina experiencing impacts from Hurricane Irma continues to become more likely as forecast models become more consistent and potential tracks of the storm narrow.

It's still too early to predict how severe the storm will be, but tropical impacts will be possible as early as Sunday, especially Monday into Tuesday. The bottom line at this point is that we can expect breezy and rainy conditions late Sunday through Tuesday. We will continue to tweak the forecast as the path of Irma becomes more clear moving forward.

Already late Wednesday evening there were reports of empty grocery store shelves. Several gas stations in the Charleston area, especially Mount Pleasant experienced long lines or even ran out of gas. Early Thursday morning, some stations in Mount Pleasant were still without fuel.

Hurricane Irma is still a dangerous category 5 storm with 185 mph winds. It is passing just north of Puerto Rico then expected to pass just north of Hispaniola. The likelihood Irma will be a Category 5 storm when/if it becomes a threat to our area us becoming more unlikely. FOLLOW THE TRACK OF THE STORM

At least three people have died while two others were seriously injured in the islands of St. Barts and St. Martin.

Experts believe Puerto Rico could lose power for 4 to 6 months. About 4,000 people in Puerto Rico already have lost water service.

The prime minister of Barbuda says the island is 90 percent destroyed.

Check back with ABC News 4 as we continue to follow the storm.

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