Will Haynie sworn in as Mt. Pleasant Mayor, discusses plans for town's future

Will Haynie, Mayor of Mount Pleasant (WCIV)

Will Haynie was sworn in on Tuesday as Mt. Pleasant's newest mayor, and just hours before the ceremony he sat down with ABC News 4 to talk the election, overdevelopment, and the future of the town.

"We listened last Tuesday, and that election was a referendum on development,"Haynie said. "That will be our number priority because that's what I heard on the campaign trail and that's what I saw at the ballot box."

Haynie ran on a simple promise to end frustration from overdevelopment, and voters answered.

"People are sitting in traffic for too long, and that's time they could be at home with their family," he said as he sat in his new executive office at Town Hall.

Now, Haynie said he's focused on the follow-through.

"We're going to answer the mandate that people of Mt. Pleasant," he said.

He said it's a charge to pull back on unnecessary new development and find a way to sustain the town's incessant growth.

"I don't think ten years ago anyone thought we were going be dealing with the kind of growth we are dealing with today," Haynie said. "No one had a crystal ball. Now we have a chance to get it straight."

He said the town will stick to its comprehensive plan for new development in order to cap growth.

"Just because a developer asks for an amendment to that or asks for something different in zoning doesn't mean we have to be more accommodating to developers than the citizens we took an oath to represent," he explained.

He also said council will zero in on flooding issues throughout the town.

"It's not the sexy, high-profile stuff of elected office, but when people are putting sandbags on their homes and we have an engineering report that says new development is directly contributing to that, then we realize development is more than a mindset or a feeling," he said. "Development is actually an impact on their properties and their lives."

Haynie beat Linda Page by a 2-1 margin.

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