New video of Charleston teacher charged with felony DUI during sobriety test and car ride

Whitney Brooks (Dorchester County Detention Center)

In newly released dash cam video by South Carolina Highway Patrol Whitney Brooks, 29, a West Ashley woman arrested and charged with felony DUI that resulted in the death of an off-duty North Charleston Police officer, Ryan MacCluen, is seen taking her field sobriety test and riding with a trooper.

NCPD officer, Ryan MacCluen, 31, of Summerville was driving his motorcycle when Brooks’ car turned in front of him on Ladson Road.

A trooper on scene said they noticed Brooks had red glassy eyes, dry mouth, slow speech, delayed response and the odor of alcohol was coming from her according to SCHP.

During the sobriety test, the report stated Brooks also had to use her arms to balance.

Brooks is a Burke High School math teacher. In dashcam video, the trooper asks her what she does for work and Brooks responded, “I’m an educator”.

When Brooks is riding with the trooper she tells the trooper the reason she was in Summerville was that she came to watch The Black Panther movie and then went to fast food restaurant Wendy’s to get food to go. She was then on her way back to the movie theater.

The SCHP trooper asks Brooks if she was drinking during the movie and Brooks said no. Brooks said she drank at home before going out to the movies which didn’t start until 10:15 p.m.

The trooper then asks her which lane MacCluen was in, Brooks says he was in the far-right lane and said she saw him when she made the turn.

Brooks and the trooper carry on a casual conversation about her life concerning her career as a teacher, kids, and math. You can watch the video below.

Brooks had a bond hearing Feb. 16 where her bail was set at $125,000.

Blood and urine samples have not been released yet.

The Charleston County School District says Brooks is on administrative leave during the investigation.

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