Woman threatens lawsuit against Sen. Campbell after crash, DUI arrest

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The driver rear-ended by Sen. Paul Campbell over the weekend ended her silence on Tuesday. Michaela Caddin read a statement to reporters at the office of her attorney, Matthew Yelverton.

“She would not be here today had he accepted responsibility already,” Yelverton said. “The only avenue that is left for her on the civil side is file a lawsuit, because the senator has not taken responsibility and has not held himself accountable.”

Caddin’s call to 911 was released Tuesday. On the recording, Campbell is talking about the crash in the background saying to Caddin, “Here’s my card if you want to call me, my wife’s in the car, but I don’t see any damage to it. It’s up to you.”

Caddin said she was also shocked to hear a comment Campbell made to ABC News 4. When the senator was leaving the Al Cannon Detention Center on Sunday, he said, “It will all come out in court. I was not driving, OK?”

“I saw the man who was driving get out from behind the steering wheel and walk around to the back of his car. My lights were shining right on him,” the 21-year-old said. “The woman in the passenger’s seat got out and walked around behind her car, through my headlights and towards the driver’s side door. I then saw the woman get into the driver’s seat.”

Caddin said it was her first car accident, so she called 911 right away. Now, she’s glad she did.

“She was scared because Sen. Campbell is a powerful man, he’s retained a powerful attorney and she felt she needed some guidance in how to address what she saw as somebody refusing to accept responsibility,” Yelverton said.

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