Working 4 you: Stolen bass returned

Returned to its rightful owner. A sophomore at the Charleston School of Arts was reunited with her bass.

It was stolen from the family's car Thursday night. Police say it was returned last night, by a man who says it was in his backyard.

Not even 12 hours after my story aired it was back in the hands of Alex Schwarz.

She got home around midnight and when she opened the door she was shocked to see her bright yellow bass.

Today you could find her plucking the strings of her own bass. Something she didn’t think she would hear again.

"It represents me and I’m so glad to have it back so I don't have to find a new voice," Schwarz says.

She’s playing a bit more up tempo.

"The police had come to my house and my parents were like yeah that's her bass," Schwarz says.

A man found and returned it after hearing her story on the news.

"I just walked in the door and it was literally right in front of the door, I was like what my bass it was awesome," Schwarz says.

But what about the money raised to buy her a new one? It will now help fine-tune other musicians' skills.

"We don't get much money for instruments just mostly for repairs and music and we don't even get many funds for that," Dr. Christopher Selby, Orchestra Director for School of Arts, says.

But now, there's several thousand dollars to play with.

"The instruments we've had in the past we've gotten because of donated funds, so we rely very much on donations like this," Selby says.

"This school has done so much for me and I definitely wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am right now without this school so I am so happy to be able to give back" Schwarz says.

Police say no one was arrested in this case.

As for Alex’s bass, it didn't come back in perfect condition. The bow was damaged and there were scratches on the wood. All will be repaired so her treasured instrument is good as new.

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