World Diabetes Day is today, things you need to know to about the disease

World Diabetes Day (MGN)

Annually, World Diabetes Day is acknowledged on Nov. 14.

This is a significant day in diabetes history because, according to, the man who discovered insulin Frederick Banting was born this day in 1922.

According to CDC, more than 371 million adults around the world are living with diabetes, and 1 out of 4 people are unaware of it.

It is a common misconception that people with diabetes ate too much sugar and acquired the disease.

On the contrary, according to the mayo clinic, the cause of diabetes is unknown but is thought to be caused by genetic susceptibility, damage to the pancreas and environmental factors.

Though the chronic disease is obtained through genes, they take a back seat to lifestyle and behavioral factors.

According to a Harvard study, simple ways to lower the risk of getting diabetes would include controlling weight gain, going hand and hand with consistently working out. Try to stop smoking and limit alcohol use.

The World Diabetes Day campaign is a global advocate helping to reach audiences in 160 different countries and helps promote International Diabetes Federation advocacy efforts throughout the year.

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