22-year-old in battle for Charleston City Council District 10

Harry Griffin (WCIV)

A 22-year-old Citadel graduate is eyeing the District 10 seat for Charleston City Council.

“We need this youth right now,” said Harry Griffin, the Citadel graduate who’s lived in West Ashley his entire life. “Because I represent the ambition, and I represent a new look on District 10. I’m going to get out here and work.”

Griffin challenges Dean Riegel, the incumbent who’s held the West Ashley district seat since 2009.

“I am pro-growth, smart growth. But we’re at a tipping point in this city,” Riegel said. “The voters, I hope, will vote for experience and a track record and putting business over bureaucracy.”

Also in the race is Summer Massey, an acquisition and relocation agent who’s lived in West Ashley for 15 years.

“I believe I share the vision of the residents of West Ashley and also the newer generation that's moving to West Ashley,” she said.

“I’m going to learn from what they’ve accomplished,” Griffin added of current Charleston City Council members. “What’s gone right what’s gone wrong and we’re going to build off that.”

District 10 voters will make it known how much experience matters when they head to the polls on Tuesday.

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