Campaign ad money pouring in this week for Arrington and Cunningham may signal tight race

    Katie Arrington [L], Joe Cunningham (WCIV)

    CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Five days out from the mid-term elections, all eyes are on the District One congressional race between Republican candidate Katie Arrington and Democratic candidate Joe Cunningham.

    Arrington’s defeat over incumbent Mark Sanford’s seat this summer was unexpected to say the least.

    Political scientist DuBose Kapeluck, a professor at the Citadel, said the amount of money poured in Arrington ad buys this week shows there’s real fear a Democrat could pull out a surprising win on Tuesday.

    Records show the National Republican Congressional Committee spent more than $200,000 on Arrington campaign ads this week.

    Kapeluck said the timing isn’t unusual, but an open wallet for a longstanding GOP seat tends to signal a tight race.

    “Parties like to focus on the very end,” said Kapeluck. “This is when you can really make a difference in the campaign and change the actual outcome of the election right at the very end.”

    Cunningham’s campaign has also seen six-figure support.

    A recent television ad was funded by Democratic PAC 314 Action. The group has spent more than $450,000 on the 1st District race.

    “The advantage would go to Arrington just being a Republican in a district in which Trump won pretty well, so the advantage is for her,” Kapeluck said. “But with this election, you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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