Charleston protests in works for Steve Bannon's arrival, Friday

Steve Bannon (MGN)

Charleston area activist Pastor Thomas Dixon has scheduled a rally for Friday, Nov. 10, to protest Steve Bannon’s arrival at the Citadel.

The North Charleston mayoral candidate, has also scheduled a press conference for this afternoon, to discuss why Bannon coming to Charleston sparked his plan to hold a rally.

Though Dixon did submit a permit Friday ,city officials told ABC News 4 no group had been granted a permit to protest the event.

However, the Charleston Police and Dixon are working together to find an agreeable location to hold the rally, and Dixon says he is feeling upbeat about the progress being made.

Steve Bannon is scheduled to be a speaker at The Citadel Republican Society’s annual dinner. It's an event that has not been well-received by all.

When the Citadel announced Bannon’s appearance, Representative Wendell Gilliard spoke out about his discontentment.

As of now, the groups participating in the rally Friday are unknown, but the number of attendees is expected be high. No matter the protests, Bannon will be at The Citadel Republican Society's dinner on Friday.

The Associate Press announced, South Carolina gubernatorial hopeful Catherine Templeton will be introducing Bannon at Friday's event.

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