WATCH: Rally at Sen. Lindsey Graham's office against Trump cabinet picks and Indivisible Charleston coordinated a rally at Senator Lindsey Graham's Mount Pleasant office Tuesday.

The main focus was to share dissatisfaction with some of President Donald Trump's cabinet selections. Among those protesters seemed to be most concerned about was President Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

"I'm trying to persuade Lindsey Graham to vote no on several of what we call the swamp cabinet -- Jeff sessions, Betsy Devos, Tom price, pretty much all of them somebody here takes issue with," said volunteer organizer Renee Orth.

In a sometimes contentious confirmation hearing, education secretary pick Betsy DeVos pledged that she would not seek to dismantle public schools amid questions by Democrats about her qualifications, political donations and long-time work advocating for charter schools and school choice.

Facing criticism from teachers unions that she is working against public education, DeVos told the committee that she will be "a strong advocate for great public schools."

"But," she added, "if a school is troubled, or unsafe, or not a good fit for a child — perhaps they have a special need that is going unmet — we should support a parent's right to enroll their child in a high-quality alternative."

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Orth and a small group of protesters will be hand delivering a petition with hundreds of signatures urging Graham to reject nominees.

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