SC Rep. Mark Sanford's farewell address warns of "Hitler-like character" rising to power

Mark Sanford, Nov. 12, 2018 (WCIV)

South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) released the farewell address he was planning to give in Congress, before his slotted time was "washed out" by actions related to the government shutdown.

The former Governor of South Carolina lost his bid for reelection in the 1st Congressional District against Katie Arrington during the primary elections. Arrington was defeated by Democrat Joe Cunningham in November, who will take Sanford's place in Congress.

A portion of the lengthy remarks covered Sanford's concerns of a "Hitler-like character" rising to power, but was clear that he was not referring to President Trump:

"Because as open political systems become cumbersome and inefficient, inevitably a strong man comes along and offers easy promises. He says that he can take care of it for us. People desperate for a change accept his offer. They have to give up a few freedoms in the equation to get more security. It doesn’t work out so well, as Hayek’s book in this instance is about the rise of Hitler in post-WWI German history.
I want to be clear and explicit that I am not likening Trump to Hitler, but the forces at play could lead to a future Hitler-like character if we don’t watch out. It must be remembered that another thing that Benjamin Franklin said was that he who trades his freedom for security, deserves neither. Indeed, how true."

Rep. Sanford's full remarks can be found in the Facebook post below:

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