SC Republicans have strong words on tax reform, scandals

Sen. Lindsey Graham (CNN)

Congress gets back to business today with one of the biggest issues on the table being tax reform.

But there's concern tax talks could be impacted by new allegations of sexual harassment. Among it all, South Carolina senators Lindsey Graham had strong messages on what should happen.

"To every Republican senator, the fate of the party is in our hands as well as that of the economy," Sen. Graham said. "The economy needs a tax cut and the Republican party needs to deliver, so I think we'll get there."

Related to allegations against Republican Roy Moore, who's in a a race for Alabama's open Senate seat, Scott said it's time to move forward.

"It's pretty clear to me that the best thing that Roy Moore could do for the country is to move on," Scott said on This Week.

More than 20 senators are calling for Moore to quit the race. Their joined by GOP leaders on all levels. On November 15, S.C. Governor Henry McMaster also said Moore should drop out of the race.

"This thing with people abusing other people, particularly children, is something that is a scourge. It has got to be stopped and it is it's everywhere. So I don't know the facts. I know what I've read," McMaster said.

Meanwhile, politics may get in the way of politics, as analysts say President Trump needs the crucial Alabama Senate seat to pass the GOP tax reform plan.

Graham said over the weekend he isn't sure what winning looks like with Roy Moore potentially filling the open Alabama Senate seat.

"If he wins, we get the baggage of him winning," Graham said. "...If you lose, you give the Senate seat to a Democrat at a time when we need all the votes we can get. The moral of the story is, 'don't nominate somebody like Roy Moore who could actually lose the seat that any other Republican could win..."

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