South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster announces plan to ban sanctuary cities

South Carolina Gov. McMaster announces plan to ban sanctuary cities

Flanked by members of the South Carolina General Assembly, Gov. Henry McMaster announced a plan Monday that he says will ensure no cities or towns in the state become "sanctuary cities."

The governor described the effort as as new law enforcement initiative ensuring compliance with existing laws relating to immigration. The proposed legislation would require steps be taken to identify unlawful aliens in law enforcement custody and charged with a crime.

"Our cities are open to all who follow our laws, but are not sanctuaries for those who ignore them," Gov. McMaster said. "South Carolina is a special place, known for the kindness and welcoming nature of its people, but it's also a place that values law and order, and this bill will serve as a strong message to all that we will not tolerate lawlessness."

The proposal includes an move at compliance and accountability. The governor's office reports local governments would need to verify compliance with immigration laws each year. A government office failing to meet requirements, McMaster said, would be ineligible for local government funds for a minimum of three years. He said SLED oversight and involvement would also be considered in such cases.

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