State not dropping domestic violence charges against former Aiken lawmaker Chris Corley

Chris Corley (Aiken County Detention Center)

The South Carolina Attorney General's office is still prosecuting a former South Carolina legislator accused of beating his wife bloody, despite her request to drop the charges.

Former Rep. Chris Corley faces a felony aggravated domestic violence charge punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Corley is also accused of pointing a gun at his wife last December as their young children screamed for him to stop.

The attorney general's spokesman, Robert Kittle, told The Aiken Standard on Thursday that Corley's wife wanted the charges to at least be reduced to third-degree domestic violence. She asked that he be accepted into pre-trial intervention, a diversionary program that involves community service.

But prosecutors say the allegations are too serious to drop or reduce.

Corley's trial is set for Aug. 7.

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