Gov. McMaster: Roy Moore should quit Alabama Senate race amid sex assault allegations

Governor Henry McMaster holds press conference (WCIV)

Governor McMaster held a press conference today, which was mainly focused on talking about upcoming tax cuts for businesses.

But it took a turn to Republican candidate for Alabama's open Senate seat, Roy Moore. Moore has been accused by five different women of sexual harassment and assault.

McMaster is joining the ranks of some Republicans who say Moore should step out of the race. He says the reason Moore should not leave the race for Senate is if he can somehow disprove the allegations made against him.

McMaster also expressed his disgust with people who abuse others, saying, "This thing with people abusing other people, particularly children, is something that is a scourge. It has got to be stopped and it is it's everywhere. So I don't know the facts. I know what I've read."

Another note from his press conference, however, was on business taxes.

Governor McMaster says South Carolina is ready to reduce taxes on businesses by 10.2% from last year's rates.

It also equals a 36.4% cut over the last five years.

The cuts have been made while also added money to a trust fund that's meant to help the state during a recession.

This also comes after the state was forced to borrow money from the federal government after the recession of 2008.

Governor is one of three Republicans running for South Carolina Governor in 2018.

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