It could be months before victims gain access to Las Vegas mass shooting victims fund

The Las Vegas Victims Fund has raised over $10 million as of Oct. 12. (GoFundMe)

More than $15 million has been raised to help the victims and families of the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, according to the attorney appointed to manage the funds.

“There’s been so much fundraising, I thank God for all the things that are being done, the concerts, the dinners, and the GoFundMe pages,” said Carson City resident Edwina Koepsell. “It’s really going to be such a blessing to those people.”

A GoFundMe account set up for the Victims' Fund collected more than $10 million in 10 days, however, roughly eight-percent of that could be claimed by the website’s processing fees.

Washington, D.C.-based Kenneth Feinberg was tapped to manage the Las Vegas victim fund. He’s managed funds for victims following the Boston Marathon bombings, the Orlando nightclub shooting, and 9/11.

“Until you know the amount of money that has been collected and used to assist victims and their families you can't really decide on eligibility or amount,” said Feinberg.

Feinberg expects donations to keep flowing in over the next several weeks with the distribution of the funds to being sometime in the next few months.

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