Jim Clyburn says Congressman John Conyers should resign over sexual misconduct accusations

Jim Clyburn (ABC)

South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn is calling on Michigan Congressman John Conyers to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations..

“I thought it was time three days ago,” Clyburn said Thursday. “I talked with him in person, and told him then I thought it was in his best interest to step away from this body that he had given over 50 years of great service, but this was not going to get any better.”

“In fact, I could see it getting worse,” Clyburn added.

A former deputy chief of staff for Conyers has accused him of making an unwanted sexual advance toward her and touching her inappropriately twice in the late 1990s,

Conyers stepped down from his post as the top democrat on the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week.

Conyers and Clyburn both are members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

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