Woman knits life-size version of teen sons for cuddling

Featuring: AtmosphereWhere: Amsterdam, NetherlandsWhen: 14 Jan 2016Credit: Supplied by

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Knitting professional Marieke Voorluijs has sons who are going through those dreaded years of puberty, and as a result, she gets far less cuddles.

The artist is known for making unusual creations, so she did what any accomplished creative would do and knitted herself a new one.

Described as having "characteristics of both my sons" the Dutch textiles designer and co-author made the replica after friends warned her that cuddles from her sons would wane as they grew older.

"My sons love the project and helped with making the cap, and of course with posing," Marieke explains. "They always help with the projects I make for my work and private, and we help them back of course with their creative ideas."

The self-confessed "smother mother" spent two months knitting the replica.

"It is a tribute to puberty and my sons!" Marieke said.

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