City taking action on calls to keep Charleston 9 memorial promise


The mother of a fallen Charleston firefighter says she's getting results after ABC News 4 shared her story of disappointment and frustration three weeks ago.

Ann Mulkey says City of Charleston leaders have promised to create a lasting tribute to the firemen who died in the Sofa Super Store fire, after she took the city to task for a so-far unfulfilled promise.

Mulkey's son, Louis, was one of the nine firefighters killed battling the blaze.

The peaceful surroundings where nine Charleston firefighters died is sacred ground for many families.

While there are markers at the site, Mulkey says its not enough. She says there needs to be a complete memorial to the Charleston 9.

Earlier in March. Mulkey asked Mayor John Tecklenburg to complete the memorial, as city officials promised nearly 10 years ago.

Mulkey says the mayor's office invited her to meet with him to discuss it.

"That's the most that's been done in ten years, and I'm just thrilled, Mulkey said. "I said to him let's get it done. That's what I want to see. I want to see that site finished."

June 18 is the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy. A city spokesman tells us that's when the mayor wants to present plans to families who return to the memorial.

"We're going to get a couple things done by June the 18th, so that other people can have their input on it," Mulkey said. "I would love to see the trees. Shrubbery. Fountains. Benches. You know like a beautiful park. We need to spruce things up a bit. And I think now we're on the right track."

If families agree to the plans, city officials promise to use about 65-thousand dollars already set aside to make the improvements.

A spokesman for the mayor says the city will begin drawing plans to complete the memorial soon.

The drawings will be sent to the families before June 18.

When families return for the 10th anniversary memorial service, city officials say they'll be able to choose which version they like so the city can make the improvements.

In the meantime, a local motorcycle club is trying to raise money to put in a new walkway at the Charleston 9 memorial before the 10th anniversary.

The Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club wants to replace the gravel walkway at the site with special commemorative bricks.

They need an estimated 10,000 to cover the area. If you purchase a brick, you'll be able to put a special message on it.

The deadline is April 1

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