VIDEO | Good Samaritans rescue South Carolina cat with head stuck in jar

A group of Bamberg County, SC residents rescued a cat Saturday that had a jar stuck on its head (Trent Kinard, Facebook)

A few South Carolina Good Samaritans rescued an animal in a potentially life-threatening predicament Saturday.

A cat with its head stuck in a jar had been spotted over the last several days outside the town of Bamberg, according Bamberg County Councilman Trent Kinard.

On Saturday, Kinard says a group of people got together to look for the cat, and try to help it. They located the cat on the Charleston-Augusta Road outside the town of Bamberg near Paw Paw Country Club.

Once the cat was spotted, catching it was another story, according to Kinard. The cat would run anytime someone got close, requiring John Hiers to make a "Superman dive" to finally catch it, Kinard says.

With the cat finally caught, it took the group of seven rescuers another several minutes of careful finagling to gently and safely remove the jar from the cat's head.

Video shows the distressed cat crying out during the ordeal, then biting the jar several times after the group was able to remove the jar from the animal's head.

Kinard says the cat appeared to be in good shape despite its ordeal. The group ultimately decided to let the cat go, as they were unsure if it was a stray or someone's pet, and because a private local animal shelter is not accepting cats, according to Kinard.

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