Former principal Jake Rambo considers school board run, criticizes CCSD spending habits

Jake Rambo (WCIV)

Charleston County has the second largest school district in the state. It serves about 50-thousand students. Someone who used to serve some of those kids is now a critic of how the district spends its money.

"Most educators throughout the district could tell you that its alarming how much money is not spent within the actual schools," said Jake Rambo, who’s still fighting for students and teachers. He’s a former principal for James B. Edwards Elementary School in Mt. Pleasant.

He says his recent review of CCSD’s budget revealed unsettling numbers, like a million dollars for liability and tort insurance. And $400,000 for litigation and settlements.

"My question is what in the world is going on to where the board feels like they need to budget so much money for litigation," Rambo said.

He’s critical of school district salaries. He thinks there are too many administrators who earn too much money.

"From top to bottom you actually have to scroll down 300 plus names before you find a teacher. So that's 300 plus people who have all these salaries before you even get to a teacher. That's a problem," he said.

Rambo worries a lot of those six-figure salaries are taking away from what instructors need to do their jobs.

"Our teachers are being pinched for buying their own classroom supplies. They're being fussed at for making too many copies. And we've got all this waste and excess. And so you know it’s really just disheartening," he explained.

That's why Rambo wants school district leaders to control spending, and do a better job of prioritizing the needs of students and teachers.

"I believe wholeheartedly in a transparent government and I don't think we have that in Charleston County School District," he said.

ABC News 4 reached out to the Charleston County School District for comment. A spokesman says the appropriate officials aren't available to speak today.

Jake Rambo says he's still passionate about quality public education. That's why he's thinking about running for a school board seat.

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